Workflow Automation

Work Healthier and Happier with Workflow Automation

Often, employees, regardless of the business, feel stressed-out over their work. They are stuck performing non-critical activities, taking huge portions of pressure home with them.

Using workflow automation can reduce these activities, giving employees better control of their time and energy. Unsurprisingly, workflow automation has the side-effect of making a happier workplace, which adds to the overall health of employees.

Tackle the definition of time.

People are constantly under pressure due to deadlines and schedules. Although many people attempt to multi-task, multi-tasking means switching between two or more tasks very quickly and the result over time is inevitable burnout.

Workflow automation can take a huge part of the burden, adding time to the employees’ schedule, and making their life at work more pleasant.

Better use of energy.

People’s energy levels differ during the course of a day. Unfortunately, their responsibilities tend not to care about this human aspect. The conflict here adds to a feeling of pressure.

Workflow automation, however, makes every routine task as simple as possible. It may shorten the activity of reporting at the end of the work day, for example, which is a time when many people are tired. With this time saved by workflow automation, staff could open the afternoon for a productive talk or informal brainstorming with the colleagues.

It’s good to end on a high. Employees can leave the office with a smile, instead of a frown due to inputting data for reports or mandatory time-sheets.

Simplified priorities.

When discussing a really successful businessman, people tend to think that this person must be super-human, performing a hundred tasks per minute.

What they don’t understand is that extremely successful people typically have their work process simplified and their priorities redefined. One way or another, they have their workflow automated, so that routine activities are being taken care of. This way, these people feel more relaxed to focus on non-automated activities, like building healthier client relationships and developing innovative ideas.

Change of habits.

They say that a change is as good as a rest. Here is one example where that may be true. Imagine that an invoice takes several days and many steps to be approved. This is a normal process for many businesses. With workflow automation, however, it is possible to change old habits. Workflow automation also streamlines processes. So in this scenario, approval time for an invoice can be cut in half, or more.

Employees benefiting from workflow automation may find that they have a less stressful time waiting for invoices and other official matters. Their reduced waiting time and reduced anxiety can redefine how they interact with the business.

Slow down

Businesses today are more dynamic than ever. Employees, unfortunately, can be hostages of this never-ending race. Being constantly busy seems to be a new norm. Being busy and fueled by adrenaline all the time is not so healthy. Human beings are not designed to sustain a fight or flight response throughout business hours.

Implementing workflow automation can take care of many business operations simultaneously, leaving employees with sufficient time to calm their minds and slow down. This way, they’ll make better, more informed decisions. They will become more creative and productive, as they probably were when they first began work. With space, your employees will make sure that your organization is thriving.

And they’ll need fewer sick days, too.

Workflow automation removes a burden from the shoulders of employees and their employers. Staff with clear goals, clear means of achieving them, and adequate time to do a good job, tends to be more relaxed, more productive, happier, and healthier.

workflow automation

Workflow Automation Gives You Your Time Back

We’ve all heard the phrase “Time is Money.” Most successful businesses work tirelessly to improve and streamline processes to create models of efficiency and scale. During the creation of these processes, striving to achieve efficiency and quality, you reach a certain conundrum; do you hire more people or sacrifice processes that maintain quality?

What if there was another way? What if we were to tell you that many processes could be completely hands-free and could save you time and money?

With an IT partner helping you leverage the right workflow automation solution for your business, you can lean on technology to handle most of the mundane and tedious tasks that eat away your precious time and profits.  

You probably have some automation in place today  

Do you still manually fill out time cards for HR or respond to every email when you are out of the office letting them know that you are out of town? No, right? Most of our partners have already recognized some of the primary benefits of using some form of automation to streamline their workflows.

The challenging part is getting all of these disparate systems to communicate and unify at one location. It almost takes as much work to manage the software components as it does logging into multiple systems just to update the next step.

With a workflow automation specialist helping you streamline and automate various tasks and processes, you can accomplish most of these automation protocols; as well as  the management of them as you connect different apps and systems behind a single pane of glass.

Because sometimes you forget

As we build out processes and tasks, it becomes harder to track and measure effectiveness. How do you track KPIs across multiple platforms and applications? How do you ensure that some of the more routine, but highly important tasks, get done on time and in the same way?

The answer to these questions depends on which service provider you are working with  and whether they understand precisely how your business operates and generates revenue. The right workflow automation specialist can help guide you through the automation of most of the sales and marketing follow up processes so that your sales professionals can focus on selling. From HR, operations and production, most tasks when completed using the proper workflow automation solution can continue to be taken care of by the automation system once implemented.


We know machines can’t do everything, yet. Many times the best way to complete the process is with the right people. Instead of leveraging their ability to remember exactly what tasks and in what order they were due, the workflow automation solutions can send reminders regarding the most important tasks and track the response time of the team. This mechanism then allows you visibility to know that tasks are being completed with machine-like precision.


Diverge IT can help you choose the right workflow automation solution for your business.

With all these new systems, processes and apps connecting us to various programs, things can feel a little overwhelming. At Diverge IT, we’re ready to help you tailor the right workflow automation solution for your business so that you can get more time back to focus on what matters, growing your business. Contact us today to get started!