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Why Does Your Business Need Data Recovery Services?

If there’s one thing that’s true of IT, it’s that somewhere, somehow, something will go wrong. For businesses, the most important strategy is preparation. After all, computer systems fail for all kinds of reasons. That’s why one of your biggest priorities should be to protect your company’s data.

Data recovery services are an essential solution that any worthwhile IT partner should provide. That’s because data can become compromised or lost for many reasons, ranging from technical issues and cyber attacks to natural disasters (like flooding and fires). Data recovery services are essential because they provide insurance so that these unpredictable events won’t cripple your business.

What are the biggest causes of data loss?

There are three main culprits for data loss. One of the most common reasons is simply human error. Sometimes, data is deleted or written over by authorized staff during the course of their work. Often, they don’t realize their mistake until they need the data at a later date.

Another major cause of data loss comes from remote attackers and disgruntled employees that act maliciously. Cyber attackers are typically outsiders that often compromise your data and try to hold it hostage. They fill your systems with malware and other viruses and demand payment to release your data. The threat from this kind of malware (aptly dubbed “ransomware”) is growing every day, and in many situations, unprepared organizations have paid thousands of dollars in ransoms to retrieve their own data. Without any data recovery services to fall back on, they face a stark choice between paying up or going out of business.

Natural disasters are the most uncontrollable causes of data loss. They pose a huge threat to companies located in areas that are prone to flooding, earthquakes, and wildfires. When disaster strikes, your data could get wiped out along with your on-premise equipment – unless you have a backup and recovery plan in place.

Redundancy is fundamental

Business decision makers should always choose redundant data recovery services. Redundancy minimizes business interruption and ensures smooth operations in any situation. At Diverge IT, our data recovery services cover broad platform and application support, online backup monitoring, and multiple servers/PC configurations. 

Using our managed services means that your most critical data is regularly backed up in the cloud. There’s no extra investment in expensive hardware or software. By de-duplicating, compressing, encrypting, and automatically storing your data in another physical location, we ensure its complete safety. From there, you can efficiently retrieve and recover it in the event of data loss.

When you can’t rely on having an internet connection, you must prepare with an offline solution to restore lost data. Combining offline data storage with a local vault solution allows you to protect your critical data from any physical damage. Specialized vault facilities offer advantages such as climate-controlled protection, bar code tracking and management, regulatory compliance, long-term records compliance, and privacy protection.

Diverge IT offers data recovery services to mitigate all the data loss scenarios your business may face.

Our full range of secure data recovery options ensures your business will always have a “Plan B” to stay up and running, no matter what. Contact us today to find out how you can build a foundation to be ready for anything.


No DivergeIT Clients “Wanna Cry”

We’ve been tracking this closely and found that the combination of our email defense, patching policies and Webroot malware practices has been effective preventing the global attack from impacting our client base.

This particular payload is delivered via email (zip file) which then launches a hunter trojan that spans the network, attacking known Windows OS vulnerabilities. While our front end systems quarantines zip files, the combination of all our products that help protect clients. For instance, clients who open the payload from their gmail, yahoo or other email accounts on work PCs are bypassing the email defense, but DivergeIT’s patching and malware protection becomes critical protection. Additionally, having active backups and restore points will allow us to recover data should a PC or server become hit with ransomware.

Client: No Reported Incidents of Ransomware

* Email Defense: client has our recommended email filtering product in place.
* Internet Browsing Defense: client’s network and internet browsing is being filtering outside of the office, prior to the information from the websites being displayed onto your computers.
* PC Patching: client’s PCs are actively patched on a regularly scheduled and the team reviews status on weekly basis of all our clients.
* Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware: client’s PC configuration includes DivergeIT webroot which is actively updated, maintained, and monitored by our support teams.
* Backup: client’s servers are being backed up on-site multiple times per day, and off-site every evening. In the event your servers were compromised, we would not need to go down the bitcoin route as we would simple be able to restore your most recent backup.

Although these new attacks are causing a justifiably high level of concern, DivergeIT has taken pride in the fact that not a single one of our clients that have our security suite in place have been impacted by these new threats. What’s more, is that simply having these systems in place is only about a quarter of the battle. Ensuring these systems are being actively tracked, managed, and there is reporting/altering for deviation is how we have been able to ensure our clients are not being impacted.

Data Backups

Data Backup and Recovery: A Tale of Two Businesses

In this wild era of dangerous cyberattacks, malicious hackers, rampant wildfires, and accidental data deletions from Phil in accounting, your data is never safe. Your business needs more than protection.


It needs insurance.


Enter the world of data backup and recovery. Though your data may be lost due to many different factors, data backups make sure that you’re back up and running in no time at all (pay more attention next time, Phil).


So why in the world would anybody willingly choose to not have a backup solution? We don’t know. Let’s say you’ve got two small companies. One is led by a short-sighted man that doesn’t care for backups, and sees them as a frivolous cost. “What do we need a backup plan for? We hardly have any data!”, he says, foolishly.


We’ll call his company Risk IT Inc.


Our other company is led by a very smart lady. She knows that even though the sun is shining today, rain may come tomorrow. That’s why she’s investing in data recovery. “We may not have much data, but it’s all that we’ve got. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry”, she says, wisely.


We’ll call her company Smart Lady Corp.



Risk IT Inc.

Our short-sighted CEO at Risk IT Inc. has recently been hit by a very nasty cyberattack. Largely due to poor employee training, someone opened an infected email attachment that spread ransomware throughout the entire company’s file system. Now what?


As it turns out, Risk IT Inc. is on par with many other companies. A whopping 75% of small businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. What could have been a trivial annoyance has now totally crippled all business transactions. The not-so-smart CEO must now retroactively look for help to unlock all of his company files or risk paying the huge fee that was demanded by the ransomware.


That’s not even the worst part. Our foolish CEO failed to realize that the costs to retrieve his company data far exceed those of regular data backups. Meanwhile, Risk IT Inc. was down a mere seven days. And yet, one year later, Risk IT Inc. closed their doors and never opened back up again. Why? Because more than 90 percent of companies that experience at least seven days of data center downtime go out of business within a year.


Don’t be like Risk IT Inc.


Smart Lady Corp.

Our thoughtful CEO at Smart Lady Corp. has been hit by the same nasty cyberattack that wiped out Risk IT Inc. However, when she heard the news that her data was compromised, she didn’t panic.


She sighed. “How annoying”, she thought.


She sipped her coffee, told her employees to take a 15-minute break, and restored all of her data from her backups instantly. Smart Lady Corp. brushed off a serious attack because they were prepared with their data backups.


Just like that, her business was saved. Having a backup plan in place may not have benefitted her immediately, but it spared her business from spending an average of $8600 an hour in downtime.


Be safe. Not sorry.

Diverge IT wants you to be like Smart Lady Corp. We understand that you may not be there yet, but we want you to always think about the future. We want to help you use the time you have today to plan and prepare for the possibilities and challenges of tomorrow. If you’re ready to invest in your future, shoot us an email.