3 Solid Cybersecurity Tests for Your Employees

Cybersecurity is a prime concern of many modern businesses. And it should be – a direct cyber attack can cost businesses as much as $40,000 per hour. It doesn’t take much time for the costs to become dangerously large.

So how can organizations begin to protect themselves from these malicious threats? The most common first step to comprehensive defense is proper employee training.

A staggering 55% of organizations have had a security incident or data breach due to a malicious or negligent employee. These disasters are often extremely costly, but the good news is that they are easily avoidable.

60% of survey respondents believe employees lack adequate knowledge of cybersecurity risks. Informing your employees of the lurking cyber threats is an important first step in protecting your company. Proper employee training can significantly reduce the chances of a cybersecurity attack striking an organization.

Here are three solid approaches to cybersecurity tests that will keep your employees more secure than ever before.

Workspace Inspections

One of the biggest concerns in cybersecurity is in their immediate physical security. Many people leave their passwords physically written somewhere around their workspaces. The worst offenders will go as far as leaving their account names and passwords on sticky notes on their computers.

To combat this threat, you must perform random workspace inspections. Aside from helping you keep a clean office, they can clearly show you who is taking their cybersecurity seriously. From there, you can establish a reward system for those that pass the test to incentivize employees to follow proper physical security procedures.

Cybersecurity Knowledge Quizzes

Another important aspect of workplace cybersecurity is the overall security knowledge of employees. You should regularly send articles and notices of the latest cyber threats, including what to look for to avoid them and how to tell if an infection has occurred.

Your organization should also hold cybersecurity seminars – once a quarter should be plenty. Take the time during these meetings to showcase proper cybersecurity habits, such as regularly changing your passwords and locking your computers when you step away from them.

After the spread of cybersecurity information, ensure that employees are retaining their knowledge by administering multiple-choice quizzes. Just like their workplace inspections, you should incentivize those that perform well on these tests with various types of rewards.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks tricks people into willingly clicking on malicious links and dangerous viruses. You’ve undoubtedly heard of them – one of the most popular is the “Nigerian prince” scam.

These cyber attacks are easily avoided by those that know what to look for, and they’re commonly clicked on by those that don’t. Though there are many different kinds of phishing attacks, the most common kind will come through as a seemingly innocent email.

You can run simulated phishing attacks that don’t contain malicious viruses. Instead, they simply inform you which of your employees fell for the phishing attack. When the test is completed, you must re-train all those that failed the test with proper cybersecurity policies. After all, it just takes one person to let a nasty virus into your network.

Cybersecurity for Your Business

Testing your employees properly takes a certain effort and coordinatioCybersecurityn that you simply not have time for. However, you can’t afford to let your cybersecurity efforts slip through the cracks.

But don’t fear – Diverge IT is here to help. We can bolster your cybersecurity and make it airtight, giving you the freedom you need to work on what matters to you. Ready to get started? Contact us.