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3 Solid Cybersecurity Tests for Your Employees

A staggering 55% of organizations have had a security incident or data breach due to a malicious or negligent employee. These disasters are often extremely costly, but the good news is that they are easily avoidable.

The Top 3 Security Mistakes Employees Make

Network security is a chief concern of many organizations throughout the world. 75.6% of organizations encountered at least one successful cyber attack within the past 12 months. And though the rate of cyberattacks is not going to decrease anytime soon, it’s important to recognize why it’s so high.

4 Ways Hackers Can Steal Your Password

Hackers are criminals that use advanced software and special techniques to gain entry into systems for data exploitation. These data breaches and cyberattacks are a lot more common than people think – 50 percent of small and midsized organizations reported suffering at least one cyberattack in the last 12 months.

Breaking Down a Phishing Attack

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4 Lies SMBs Tell Themselves About Outsourced IT Support

When it comes to outsourcing their IT support, small and medium-sized businesses always seem to hesitate. For one reason or another, they rely on false and outdated information to dissuade them from even seeking more information about the matter. And without proper support, these companies unknowingly hurt their chances for success.