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Improving Your Business with Diverge IT

We have to be honest: as your options go for fantastic IT support services, Diverge IT is the clear frontrunner. “Oh sure,” you’re saying to yourself, “You say that because you’re Diverge IT, so I bet you can’t back it up!” Indeed, we can. There are several pride points that brought us to this conclusion, and we’re more than happy to share them with you.

We Build Custom KPIs to Stay-On-Top of Each Client’s Network.

Your company wasn’t constructed with cookie-cutter thinking, so it shouldn’t be reviewed with cookie-cutter key performance indicators. After giving your business a thorough examination, Diverge IT builds customized KPIs specifically for your business needs and your workflow. It’s honestly the only real way to gather helpful, meaningful metrics so that both strengths and weaknesses can be uncovered quickly. The more we know about your business, the more productive you can be.

We’re Not All Just from IT Backgrounds.

One common hindrance with IT support providers is that the companies often are composed exclusively of people from IT backgrounds. While that may initially sound like a beneficial thing, if you think about it more in-depth, those with little to no diversity in their work environment often find it difficult to relate to those who are not also from that same background. Not us. Our people come from many different walks of life, and from many different industries – but we also know the IT world from top to bottom. We feel this helps us to relate to our clients on a much more personal level.

No “Key Employees” Here; We’re All Part of a Big Chain.

Many IT support companies suffer from what we like to call “Megamind Syndrome” – meaning there’s one über-smart guy who works at the company, and most of the other employees rely on him to get things done. That’s not how Diverge IT works: we’re truly all moving parts in one big machine that runs very efficiently. If any one of us becomes unavailable for any reason, the rest of us step-up and take care of that person’s responsibilities in their absence. In fact, maybe we titled this section incorrectly . . . Perhaps we’re all “key employees”?

Diverge IT is All This, and So Much More.

There are several other things that lead us to feel that Diverge IT is the best choice for IT support needs in the entire area. Not the least of which being that you get everything listed above, along with much more, for a fantastic monthly price. Let’s chat about it. We think you’ll be rather pleasantly surprised.

Businessman juggling many tasks technology consultants

IT Technology Consultants – Not Just to Fix Your Network

Historically, technology consultants have been thought to be there solely to monitor, maintain, and repair your network infrastructure as needed. While that may have been true at one point in time, nowadays it’s important to ensure that’s not all your technology consultants are doing. Besides the obvious, here are several other aspects your technology experts should be overseeing in addition to your mainframe.

Your Technology Consultants Should Oversee Your Hardware Purchasing.

Let’s say you get a call from your technology specialists, and they report one of your servers appears to be about to fail. How thrilled would you be if they then said, “Yeah, you’re gonna have to run up to the computer store and pick up a new server. Make sure you get the right one, though!” You wouldn’t be thrilled. In fact, you should never even have to think about buying a piece of hardware. Your technology consultant knows the equipment you need, so they should be the ones buying it. Next!

Your Technology Consultants Should Oversee Your Technology Vendors.

Time for another example! You’re hard at work on a project, when suddenly, a window pops up informing you the license has expired, and it must first be renewed before it will allow you to proceed. You call your technology consultants. Their answer: “We don’t support that. Call the vendor.” Really?! You pay these guys how much every month, and you have to stop work to deal with a computer issue yourself? No. No way. In fact, that one makes us so angry that we have to just move on to the next example now. ( . . . jerks.)

In the Event of a Disaster, Your Technology Consultants Should Have a “Plan B”.

What’s a “Plan B,” you ask? Imagine you’re coming home from a party one night and your phone rings. It’s security. There’s been a break-in at the office. You race up there to see your entire place has been cleaned out. All your workstations and servers are gone – along with all your data. In a panic, you call your technology consultants. You ask if they had any data saved to the cloud: “No.” You ask if they backed-up the data on a regular basis: “Yes!” With great relief, you ask when the last backup was . . . Only to learn the most current copy is six months old. You fire them on the spot. Fire them with malicious intent! These guys are awful! No cloud computing, no backup recovery plan, and let’s not even get back into the issues we talked about before! Nope. You need competent technology consultants, and you need them now.

Lucky For You, Diverge IT Consultants Are Very Competent.

As you probably surmised from our fits of anger before – yes, we handle all your hardware purchasing. Yes, we manage your software and other IT vendors to handle any issues which may come up. Yes, we suggest cloud computing and provide backup and disaster recovery. So, there you have it! We got frustrated at those lousy other “technology consultants” so you wouldn’t have to. Give us a call, and we’ll show you how you can get all this, plus a lot more.

Stressed businesswoman at desk time management

Time Management in 5 Easy Steps

Pulling your hair out. Slamming things on your desk. Weeping uncontrollably. The telltale signs of poor time management. The adage “There just aren’t enough hours in the day” was coined by a lousy time manager. Sure, everyone gets overwhelmed. But with a little strategy, your days can achieve a much higher level of productivity and much lower level of stress by following five simple time management practices:

You Control the Situation; Don’t Let the Situation Control You.

Okay, you’ve got a full plate. Scratch that – you’ve got A LOT on your plate. Some people’s first reaction is to panic. Others scream and throw a tantrum. Still others head to the beach. These people are letting the situation control them. While the beach sounds like a nice escape, that work will still be waiting there for you when you return. The best approach is to stay calm, evaluate the work that needs to be done, and determine the best time management practices to get through it. Once it’s done, then head to the beach – and now, you won’t have a looming sense of dread to ruin it.

Agenda and Schedules are Your Friends.

One of the greatest ways to combat “the situation controlling you” as mentioned above is to create agendas and schedules for time management. Agendas are more of a “to do” list for work where you can list out everything you need to, should do, and want to do today. Schedules are a whole day affair – where you list out your day from dusk ‘til dawn. Don’t forget to slip some sleep and a smidge of fun in the schedule, too.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize.

Someone offers you a giant slice of your favorite cake. You can dig in anytime you like, but you also have to polish off a large plate of brussel sprouts. Yick. What are you going to do – enjoy the cake, then stare at the brussel sprouts in dread? No. You’re going to choke down the nasty little green buggers while keeping your eyes on the prize – that cake! Do the same with your work day for time management: force down the less-pleasant stuff in the morning, then save the enjoyable stuff for the end of the day. And wipe your mouth, will you?  

You’re Not Superman. Delegate.

Sure. You’re the exception to the rule. You’re a powerhouse. You don’t need anyone’s help, right? Remember that when you’re staring at that agenda, and you can’t decide whether to scream or head to the beach. No one will think less of you if you need a hand now and then, so don’t be shy to deal it out when you need to. And likewise, offer to help others on days when your agenda is on the thinner side. Folks remember that.

Time Management Means Plan for Tomorrow Today.

If you follow all the rules detailed above, you’ll likely see that time management does help your productivity (and sanity) throughout the day. So, before you go to bed that night – or at least before heading to work the next morning – start making that agenda and schedule again! Make it a habit, and suddenly you’ll feel like a Superman! (but still, don’t forget to delegate.)

Man trying to open door to a new better world. Conceptual change, two worlds, with and without IT solutions.

IT Solutions that Help Create a Better Business

Whatever your goals in life are – spending more time with your family, retiring to a far away beach before you’re 65, or leaving the planet a better place for future generations, Diverge IT can implement IT solutions in your business to drive you there.



With the recent talk of global warming and company carbon emissions, many companies are stepping back and taking a harder look at the footprint they are leaving on this planet. Carbon emissions can be influenced by the amount of energy or gas your company uses on a day-to-day basis. Many businesses are clueless about how much their company is contributing since there is no easy way of calculating an exact number. By moving away from having numerous servers on premise, you’re drastically reducing your carbon footprint. No longer will you have to use massive amounts of electricity to cool large and bulky machines.


Unified Communications

Spending time with family is difficult if you have to chase down contacts and jump through hoops to get projects done. Working off of a VoIP platform, unified communications is one of the many IT solutions that make connecting with clients and co-workers much more simple and allow for better internal communications and collaboration. When you can get tasks and projects done faster, you gain more time to be away from the office with your family.


Managed Services

Retirement. It’s a nearly universal goal that everyone in the workforce is dreaming about. How nice would it be to have the financial security to retire early? If you’re still relying on an outdated break-fix model of IT support, you’re spending money that could be put into driving more revenue on unnecessary downtime and service costs. Managed services from Diverge IT allows you to experience more uptime in your company, increasing your sales, and enabling you to gain that stability to retire before 65.


IT Solutions from Diverge IT

There are many other IT solutions that Diverge IT offers to improve your business (and life) outcome. Cloud computing, professional services, and backup and disaster recovery all play a critical role in maintaining your business’s productivity. Want to know more about which IT solutions can benefit your company? Feel free to give us a call!

Gamers on computers simulating IT support

Taking the Game Out of IT Support

Nearly everyone who was born later than the 1930’s has played the game Battleship in some form or another. Not having adequate IT support is, in itself, like playing a game of Battleship – with higher stakes. To pinpoint what exactly the issues are with your technology, people who aren’t IT support experts revert to blindly guessing; E-10, B-8, J-2, often without a single hit. Diverge IT’s technical assistance puts an end to the guesswork and takes the game out of your IT support.


IT Support Starts with Strategic Implementation

Just as you would place your battleships on the board, being able to utilize the best in IT support begins with a strategic implementation of your technology. It’s hard to support technology that you aren’t familiar with or that someone else has installed – just as it’s hard to sink your opponents battleships without knowing where they are located. Working with a technology provider such as Diverge IT to strategically plan out and implement your technology right from the start greatly increases your chance of having favorable results when it comes to IT support. By being familiar with the ins and outs of your business and its technology, they’re able to know exactly what to look for to keep you from being sunk.


Guidance for Your Next Move

Not only does exceptional IT support from Diverge IT come with a strategic implementation of your technology, but it also comes with expert advice as well. You’ve laid out your groundwork in your technology; now you need a guide to tell you where to go next. Diverge IT’s IT consultants stand beside their clients, supporting the right moves and advising against the wrong. When it comes to business goals and plans for growth, working with Diverge IT will afford you many more “hits” than it will “misses.”


No Longer a Guess in the Dark

With Diverge IT on your team, your technology is no longer a guess in the dark. They’re able to take completely over for you, constantly innovating new solutions and proactively dodging incoming hits before they arrive. They even have specially crafted maps –  KPIs – to show you exactly how they are taking care of your technology. By working with Diverge IT, you’ll have expert eyes that know exactly where to fire off your next shot to get your IT functioning properly.


Don’t continue to play the IT support game with other providers. Give Diverge IT a call and find out how they can help move your business forward.

Offices of Diverge IT. Banner image of their new IT support website

How We Built Our IT Support Website

We’re so excited to have launched our brand new IT support website! A lot of hard work and planning went into its creation, and we are ready to share with you a look behind the scenes.

We Show Our IT Support

When it comes to your technology, you should never have to rely on your providers for assurance that it’s being handled correctly. We decided to let our clients and prospects know exactly how we make sure we remain on top of your IT.  Just as you run your business, we run ours in a very similar fashion. We modeled our process that holds our engineers and technicians accountable in the same why that you hold your employees accountable. We’ve implemented a number of measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) to show exactly where we are at and how we are doing at handling your IT support.

What It’s Meant to Do

We have three different KPIs that we decided to showcase on our home page. Together, they give us an accurate view of how good we are at handling your IT. We figured it didn’t do a lot of good for us if our client and prospects didn’t see them as well, so we decided to give you a glimpse at what we use to make sure your technology is always up and running.

Face Report:

We want our guys to own their results. This report measures the quality and efficiency of each ticket that we handle. We want to make sure we are performing at our – and your – highest standards.

Agreements Dashboard:

We monitor your network in real-time. How do you know? We have created a customized Agreements Dashboard to show us what’s going on with your technology every second of every day.

Operations Report:

You need to be completely protected to ensure you’re running your business to the best of your ability. Our operations report shows us where your network is lacking, so we can up your IT support.

You’re Our First Priority

Because you are our number one, we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible. We’ve been at it for a number of years. Whatever it is you need for your business, whether it’s complete outsourcing or just a little extra help here and there, we’re here to prove to you that we are your technology provider. You don’t have to take our word though, just give us a call and find out for yourself.

Young professionals improving their business around a table

Improving Your Business with Diverge IT

Let Diverge IT Strengthen Your Business

As technology continues to grow and change each year, reliable IT services have become a true necessity for any operating business. At Diverge IT, we understand this growing need and have made it our goal to provide quality IT support to all of our clients no matter how large or small the business may be. We help every client to create key performance indicators that ensure that the work we perform is up to their standards. These indicators allow every business to hold us accountable for our actions should any problems arise.

Diverge IT uses a Face Report system that monitors every ticket on an individual basis. Every IT expert is reviewed to ensure that they perform the highest quality services in a timely fashion. We like our clients to feel in control by offering detailed reports on the services provided.

How Reliable IT Services Improve Business

Technology is an important part of any business in the modern age. If that technology is outdated and inefficient, it will cost the company time and money, as well as potential clients. That is why Diverge IT runs a Multi-Point Analysis. Once we have an idea of where the problem lies, our Multi-Point Analysis audits and inspects your entire infrastructure. This includes a financial audit that provides information regarding your business’ true capital as well as IT costs.

Our clients receive crucial information that can help in the restructuring process. This can completely revitalize a business if utilized properly. We interview your current IT team to get an understanding of how they operate and how we can help them develop more efficient procedures that save time and money for the company. All of the information we receive will be presented to the client so that they have a full understanding of how their IT team has operated in the past and will function in the future.

Once these processes are complete, we will continue to monitor and analyze your IT operations using our key performance indicators. If necessary, we will update your systems and make suggestions that can further improve efficiency.

The Premier Team

With offices in four locations and a team that continues to grow every day, Diverge IT is the best in technology solutions for businesses looking to outsource, manage or just analyze their IT processes. Premier also provides training services if you wish to strengthen your existing IT team. Call Premier today if you would like to improve the functionality of your business. We offer phone support as well as an online portal for creating and managing tickets. Do not let your business suffer due to inefficient operations. Let Diverge IT be your guide to a stronger, more efficient, company.