Should have virtualized

The Man Who Should Have Virtualized (A Short Story)

The computer screen went completely blank. Joe blinked, and sighed deeply.


“Not again”, he muttered, as he got up from his chair.


He excused himself from the meeting. After weeks of preparation, it was all falling apart. Michelle glared at him as he got up. Clark shot him a sly grin.


Joe pretended not to notice either.


“Sorry, everyone. I gotta go check on the server. Hunk of junk is acting up again.”


Hastily he walked out of the conference room and began the long trek over to the server. With each step he took, Joe’s stomach knotted further. He worried about how much the repairs were going to cost, and how long it would take for the server to come back on.


If it would even come back on, at all.


Before he knew it, his hand was on the doorknob to the server room. The smell of burnt plastic and musty air surrounded him immediately. He glanced at the screen for activity.




Joe quickly deduced that a cheap cable had fried the power supply to the server. He begrudgingly dialed the product support line, and was greeted by an enthusiastic man named David.


“Hello, Mr. Phillips. How may I help you today?” David said, with boundless cheer.


“I need a new power supply to my server. This one is totally wrecked. Looks like there might be other damage, too.”


“We can absolutely do that for you! We’ll need to schedule a technician to go out there and assess any further damage. I see that you’re no longer covered by our warranty, so this will be an independent charge. Is that okay?”


Joe froze.


Unsure of what to do, he racked his brain for options.

What Should Joe Do?

Joe could very well pay for a replacement part for his server. But, would it be worth it?


The answer is that it would not.


Joe’s next action should be to look into virtualizing his server. For him, that means that his precious data is stored in a secured facility. He can access it from anywhere, and he can avoid annoying (and potentially embarrassing) situations like his failed meeting.  


Aside from simply accessing his data, Joe would also save lots of money. Without the need for repairs, he could allocate funds to other areas of the business. Additionally, not having a server would save him a considerable amount on energy costs and help the company go green too.


As an added bonus, Joe would also eliminate the need for tedious updates and constant support. His IT team could focus on other areas of his organization, improving overall infrastructure instead of focusing on a defunct server.


The benefits of moving to a virtualized server are clear. But, Joe would need an experienced partner to virtualize all of his data.


Who could possibly help him with the task?

Virtualization with Diverge IT

Partnering with Diverge IT makes virtualization a breeze. Joe should partner with us to experience minimum downtime during his transition to the virtualized server. He’ll receive support along the way, and save money in the process.


If you and your company are like Joe, you should chat with us today. We’ll work with you to determine how to go about virtualization, and we’ll build a plan that will outline your path to success.