Data Backups

Data Backup and Recovery: A Tale of Two Businesses

In this wild era of dangerous cyberattacks, malicious hackers, rampant wildfires, and accidental data deletions from Phil in accounting, your data is never safe. Your business needs more than protection.


It needs insurance.


Enter the world of data backup and recovery. Though your data may be lost due to many different factors, data backups make sure that you’re back up and running in no time at all (pay more attention next time, Phil).


So why in the world would anybody willingly choose to not have a backup solution? We don’t know. Let’s say you’ve got two small companies. One is led by a short-sighted man that doesn’t care for backups, and sees them as a frivolous cost. “What do we need a backup plan for? We hardly have any data!”, he says, foolishly.


We’ll call his company Risk IT Inc.


Our other company is led by a very smart lady. She knows that even though the sun is shining today, rain may come tomorrow. That’s why she’s investing in data recovery. “We may not have much data, but it’s all that we’ve got. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry”, she says, wisely.


We’ll call her company Smart Lady Corp.



Risk IT Inc.

Our short-sighted CEO at Risk IT Inc. has recently been hit by a very nasty cyberattack. Largely due to poor employee training, someone opened an infected email attachment that spread ransomware throughout the entire company’s file system. Now what?


As it turns out, Risk IT Inc. is on par with many other companies. A whopping 75% of small businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. What could have been a trivial annoyance has now totally crippled all business transactions. The not-so-smart CEO must now retroactively look for help to unlock all of his company files or risk paying the huge fee that was demanded by the ransomware.


That’s not even the worst part. Our foolish CEO failed to realize that the costs to retrieve his company data far exceed those of regular data backups. Meanwhile, Risk IT Inc. was down a mere seven days. And yet, one year later, Risk IT Inc. closed their doors and never opened back up again. Why? Because more than 90 percent of companies that experience at least seven days of data center downtime go out of business within a year.


Don’t be like Risk IT Inc.


Smart Lady Corp.

Our thoughtful CEO at Smart Lady Corp. has been hit by the same nasty cyberattack that wiped out Risk IT Inc. However, when she heard the news that her data was compromised, she didn’t panic.


She sighed. “How annoying”, she thought.


She sipped her coffee, told her employees to take a 15-minute break, and restored all of her data from her backups instantly. Smart Lady Corp. brushed off a serious attack because they were prepared with their data backups.


Just like that, her business was saved. Having a backup plan in place may not have benefitted her immediately, but it spared her business from spending an average of $8600 an hour in downtime.


Be safe. Not sorry.

Diverge IT wants you to be like Smart Lady Corp. We understand that you may not be there yet, but we want you to always think about the future. We want to help you use the time you have today to plan and prepare for the possibilities and challenges of tomorrow. If you’re ready to invest in your future, shoot us an email.