Diverge IT

Improving Your Business with Diverge IT

We have to be honest: as your options go for fantastic IT support services, Diverge IT is the clear frontrunner. “Oh sure,” you’re saying to yourself, “You say that because you’re Diverge IT, so I bet you can’t back it up!” Indeed, we can. There are several pride points that brought us to this conclusion, and we’re more than happy to share them with you.

We Build Custom KPIs to Stay-On-Top of Each Client’s Network.

Your company wasn’t constructed with cookie-cutter thinking, so it shouldn’t be reviewed with cookie-cutter key performance indicators. After giving your business a thorough examination, Diverge IT builds customized KPIs specifically for your business needs and your workflow. It’s honestly the only real way to gather helpful, meaningful metrics so that both strengths and weaknesses can be uncovered quickly. The more we know about your business, the more productive you can be.

We’re Not All Just from IT Backgrounds.

One common hindrance with IT support providers is that the companies often are composed exclusively of people from IT backgrounds. While that may initially sound like a beneficial thing, if you think about it more in-depth, those with little to no diversity in their work environment often find it difficult to relate to those who are not also from that same background. Not us. Our people come from many different walks of life, and from many different industries – but we also know the IT world from top to bottom. We feel this helps us to relate to our clients on a much more personal level.

No “Key Employees” Here; We’re All Part of a Big Chain.

Many IT support companies suffer from what we like to call “Megamind Syndrome” – meaning there’s one über-smart guy who works at the company, and most of the other employees rely on him to get things done. That’s not how Diverge IT works: we’re truly all moving parts in one big machine that runs very efficiently. If any one of us becomes unavailable for any reason, the rest of us step-up and take care of that person’s responsibilities in their absence. In fact, maybe we titled this section incorrectly . . . Perhaps we’re all “key employees”?

Diverge IT is All This, and So Much More.

There are several other things that lead us to feel that Diverge IT is the best choice for IT support needs in the entire area. Not the least of which being that you get everything listed above, along with much more, for a fantastic monthly price. Let’s chat about it. We think you’ll be rather pleasantly surprised.