Man trying to open door to a new better world. Conceptual change, two worlds, with and without IT solutions.

IT Solutions that Help Create a Better Business

Whatever your goals in life are – spending more time with your family, retiring to a far away beach before you’re 65, or leaving the planet a better place for future generations, Diverge IT can implement IT solutions in your business to drive you there.



With the recent talk of global warming and company carbon emissions, many companies are stepping back and taking a harder look at the footprint they are leaving on this planet. Carbon emissions can be influenced by the amount of energy or gas your company uses on a day-to-day basis. Many businesses are clueless about how much their company is contributing since there is no easy way of calculating an exact number. By moving away from having numerous servers on premise, you’re drastically reducing your carbon footprint. No longer will you have to use massive amounts of electricity to cool large and bulky machines.


Unified Communications

Spending time with family is difficult if you have to chase down contacts and jump through hoops to get projects done. Working off of a VoIP platform, unified communications is one of the many IT solutions that make connecting with clients and co-workers much more simple and allow for better internal communications and collaboration. When you can get tasks and projects done faster, you gain more time to be away from the office with your family.


Managed Services

Retirement. It’s a nearly universal goal that everyone in the workforce is dreaming about. How nice would it be to have the financial security to retire early? If you’re still relying on an outdated break-fix model of IT support, you’re spending money that could be put into driving more revenue on unnecessary downtime and service costs. Managed services from Diverge IT allows you to experience more uptime in your company, increasing your sales, and enabling you to gain that stability to retire before 65.


IT Solutions from Diverge IT

There are many other IT solutions that Diverge IT offers to improve your business (and life) outcome. Cloud computing, professional services, and backup and disaster recovery all play a critical role in maintaining your business’s productivity. Want to know more about which IT solutions can benefit your company? Feel free to give us a call!