Offices of Diverge IT. Banner image of their new IT support website

How We Built Our IT Support Website

We’re so excited to have launched our brand new IT support website! A lot of hard work and planning went into its creation, and we are ready to share with you a look behind the scenes.

We Show Our IT Support

When it comes to your technology, you should never have to rely on your providers for assurance that it’s being handled correctly. We decided to let our clients and prospects know exactly how we make sure we remain on top of your IT.  Just as you run your business, we run ours in a very similar fashion. We modeled our process that holds our engineers and technicians accountable in the same why that you hold your employees accountable. We’ve implemented a number of measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) to show exactly where we are at and how we are doing at handling your IT support.

What It’s Meant to Do

We have three different KPIs that we decided to showcase on our home page. Together, they give us an accurate view of how good we are at handling your IT. We figured it didn’t do a lot of good for us if our client and prospects didn’t see them as well, so we decided to give you a glimpse at what we use to make sure your technology is always up and running.

Face Report:

We want our guys to own their results. This report measures the quality and efficiency of each ticket that we handle. We want to make sure we are performing at our – and your – highest standards.

Agreements Dashboard:

We monitor your network in real-time. How do you know? We have created a customized Agreements Dashboard to show us what’s going on with your technology every second of every day.

Operations Report:

You need to be completely protected to ensure you’re running your business to the best of your ability. Our operations report shows us where your network is lacking, so we can up your IT support.

You’re Our First Priority

Because you are our number one, we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible. We’ve been at it for a number of years. Whatever it is you need for your business, whether it’s complete outsourcing or just a little extra help here and there, we’re here to prove to you that we are your technology provider. You don’t have to take our word though, just give us a call and find out for yourself.