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IT Technology Consultants – Not Just to Fix Your Network

Historically, technology consultants have been thought to be there solely to monitor, maintain, and repair your network infrastructure as needed. While that may have been true at one point in time, nowadays it’s important to ensure that’s not all your technology consultants are doing. Besides the obvious, here are several other aspects your technology experts should be overseeing in addition to your mainframe.

Your Technology Consultants Should Oversee Your Hardware Purchasing.

Let’s say you get a call from your technology specialists, and they report one of your servers appears to be about to fail. How thrilled would you be if they then said, “Yeah, you’re gonna have to run up to the computer store and pick up a new server. Make sure you get the right one, though!” You wouldn’t be thrilled. In fact, you should never even have to think about buying a piece of hardware. Your technology consultant knows the equipment you need, so they should be the ones buying it. Next!

Your Technology Consultants Should Oversee Your Technology Vendors.

Time for another example! You’re hard at work on a project, when suddenly, a window pops up informing you the license has expired, and it must first be renewed before it will allow you to proceed. You call your technology consultants. Their answer: “We don’t support that. Call the vendor.” Really?! You pay these guys how much every month, and you have to stop work to deal with a computer issue yourself? No. No way. In fact, that one makes us so angry that we have to just move on to the next example now. ( . . . jerks.)

In the Event of a Disaster, Your Technology Consultants Should Have a “Plan B”.

What’s a “Plan B,” you ask? Imagine you’re coming home from a party one night and your phone rings. It’s security. There’s been a break-in at the office. You race up there to see your entire place has been cleaned out. All your workstations and servers are gone – along with all your data. In a panic, you call your technology consultants. You ask if they had any data saved to the cloud: “No.” You ask if they backed-up the data on a regular basis: “Yes!” With great relief, you ask when the last backup was . . . Only to learn the most current copy is six months old. You fire them on the spot. Fire them with malicious intent! These guys are awful! No cloud computing, no backup recovery plan, and let’s not even get back into the issues we talked about before! Nope. You need competent technology consultants, and you need them now.

Lucky For You, Diverge IT Consultants Are Very Competent.

As you probably surmised from our fits of anger before – yes, we handle all your hardware purchasing. Yes, we manage your software and other IT vendors to handle any issues which may come up. Yes, we suggest cloud computing and provide backup and disaster recovery. So, there you have it! We got frustrated at those lousy other “technology consultants” so you wouldn’t have to. Give us a call, and we’ll show you how you can get all this, plus a lot more.