Technology Consultants discussing business.

IT – Not Just Technical

No one likes a techy jerk know-it-all – especially ones who can’t seem to simplify their solutions and services down into layman’s terms. IT consultants should be more than tech snobs. Technology consultants should be your trusted advisor whom you rely on to understand your business. If you’re tired of dealing with just IT know-it-alls, take a deep breath: we are here to ensure the best quality service specific to your business. Diverge IT goes above and beyond the technical aspects of IT – we are more than technical consultants, we are family.

IT – Not Just Technical

Our first step into our life-long partnership is getting to know the deep fundamentals of your business. We do our research to find your current pain points and focus on your multi-point analysis. Multi-point analysis is the process of running audits and performing a physical inspection of your entire network. We then move forward with interviews of your team so we are able to get a solid grasp any additional pain points. With all our data collected we will be able to efficiently and effectively recommend products and services specific to your network.

Diverge IT Maintain and Manage

We know how difficult it is to find an IT partner who care about your business. Through our process of onboarding and installment, we become your trusted advisor. As your expert technology consultants, we make sure to correctly install and deploy all technology solutions in order to identify any underlying gaps. When everything is in place, we proactively monitor your technology and protect your infrastructure from any potential threats. When you team up with Diverge IT – you’re never alone.  Connect with us today!