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All Office 365 for Business Has to Offer

In a fast-paced business environment, experimenting with office technology can seem like a bit of a luxury. This is true even when you a that you could be handling your daily tasks more efficiently. It takes time to install new systems and ensure that everyone knows how to use them; time that often comes at a premium.

Microsoft has the solution in Office 365 For Business. Among other things, it will spare you the headache of non-compatible software.

Coordination with Familiar Tools

Most people in business familiar with – or at least aware of – Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher. Office 365 for Business works with these well-established and widely understood tools. They provide the same features combined with more capabilities.

For example, you can see if someone is editing your documents, you can broadcast PowerPoint presentations, and you can synchronize files with your desktop.

Easy Access

Whether you’re using PCs, Macs, Android phones, or iPhones, Office 365 for Business provides web-enabled access to emails and contacts. You’ll also be able to access your documents and calendars on the move. This flexibility means the freedom to work from any location at any time. The option to access your documents and emails from your mobile phone means that you don’t need to be at the office to work, or to deal with an emergency.

With Office 365 for Business, you can work flexibly and fast.

In-and-Out of the Organization Communication

By creating a password-protected portal in 365 Office for Business, you can share large files with people internal and external to your company. This portal can serve as a single location for all relevant documents, knowing that they will be updated to latest versions, regardless of how many people have edited them. Additionally, you can instant message colleagues and customers. This is useful when you want to invite them to online meetings or to review documents.

Simple to Use

Needless to say, Office 365 for Business is easy to learn and simple to use. You don’t need complex systems installation or software knowledge. In minutes, you can create a trial account and start enjoying the benefits of the cloud.

You can perform administrative tasks through a web-based portal, accessible only to people to whom you grant access. Instead of wasting time on IT details, you can focus on the bigger picture of your business and its place in the market.

Better Online Solutions

Some of the best Office 365 for Business features include a 50GB mailbox accommodating attachments of up to 25MB. At a very affordable price, you can enjoy the liberty of sending larger documents and files without the associated headaches.

Enhanced Security

In every business, data security is essential. Office 365 for Business offers the same security as all Microsoft data centers. It provides the same systems to protect documents, emails, and networks.

These systems offer 24/7/365 support in removing spam or malware, guarding your critical data through geo-redundant, enterprise-grade reliability and disaster recovery, with a strict privacy policy. It’s designed to guarantee 99.9% uptime; a financially-backed service level agreement (SLA).

More Business Flexibility and a Professional Look

Office 365 for Business offers various price options, providing more flexibility for your business. You can provide individual users with selected services, which is more cost-effective than other systems.

Creating a custom website on a customized domain means more brand recognition and authority for your business. Through Office 365 for Business, you can use various design tools to create a professional website in no time.

Additionally, when you use a professional service like Office 365, you signal your professionalism to your customers, differentiating yourself from organizations that settle for inferior, free services.

With Office 365 for Business provided by Diverge IT, you can push your small business into the big leagues. We’ll provide you the tools you need to take the pain out of everyday tasks and speed you toward success. Send us a message or give us a call by clicking here!