office 365 for business

All Office 365 for Business Has to Offer

If you’ve ever had to deal with unwieldy or outdated technology at work, you know how detrimental poorly managed software can be to office productivity. The fluid, clean workspaces seen in commercials and TV shows seem to be more myth than reality, and your hard drive is constantly cluttered with junk files that you accidentally downloaded as part of an email attachment six months ago. You don’t even want to get started on your desktop, which serves as a home for dozens of digital squatters – files that have been hanging around so long that you forgot how they ended up there in the first place.

The good news is that there are more and more solutions that can help your office work more efficiently and be more organized. Among the best of these tools is Office 365 for Business.

Microsoft’s spectacular Office suite has been around for years, becoming a huge boon to computer owners.But its one pitfall is that users who aren’t meticulous organizers may find a lot of clutter on their desktop and throughout their hard drive. Office 365 for Business seeks to solve that problem and make the rest of your workspace more intuitive and efficient.

Office 365 for Business: An Intuitive Interface Across All Devices

Office 365 for Business is designed with cross-platform compatibility in mind so that you can access your files from a number of devices in real time, all using the same intuitive interface. Office 365 is at its best when flowing through Outlook 365, the overhauled version of Microsoft’s standard email manager. Outlook 365 is compatible with PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, Excel, and other programs to the point that users can view and edit files in-browser and return them to their original sender without ever having to actually download the file and clutter up their computer. This isn’t just great for computer performance – it also saves users a ton of scrolling time and button mashing. All of this is workable because Office 365 for Business offers users 50 gigabytes of email storage on top of a full terabyte of general file storage.

Secure and Collaborative

Office 365 for Business also offers solutions that can make life a lot easier for organizations adapting to the increasing need for communications technology in the workplace. Office 365’s Premium plan, for example, includes Skype-supported video conferencing and expanded file sharing capabilities. Office 365 for Business also helps ensure that your business’s information is as secure as possible, going as far as to automatically remind users of security policies when sharing certain files.

An Easy Transition with Diverge IT

For a business that deals with processing a large amount of information, Office 365 for Business is a perfect solution to the technological inconveniences that plague so many offices. At Diverge IT, it’s our mission to help you make your home or office as technologically capable as possible, and equipping your organization with Office 365 for Business is just one of the ways we can help out. Get in touch with us today to learn about any number of IT solutions.