Saving your business money

Save Money with Server Virtualization

Virtualization has been beneficial to SMBs for as long as it has existed. As of 2016, more than 76% of organizations have taken advantage of virtualization. But what exactly does it have to offer SMBs? The most obvious benefit of server virtualization is the cost savings that it introduces to your business. Though companies of all sizes enjoy the reduced costs, it’s most critical for SMBs, since they have smaller IT budgets overall.


Just one paragraph in, and we’ve already stressed the cost-saving aspect of virtualization (twice). But how exactly does it save you money?

Reduced Power Costs and Minimized Maintenance

Though often overlooked, companies can expect to see a considerably lower electricity bill. Running locally hosted physical servers can rack up some hefty charges, as they require plenty of power to operate. Virtualization negates that by essentially outsourcing the electricity bill to the data center.


Once a local server is up and running, there must be constant maintenance to keep it running smoothly. A company will need to invest time in updating server configurations and running diagnostics, as well as physically maintaining the server hardware whenever necessary. Often, this will require a business to hire a full-time IT specialist, which drives up overall costs.

With virtualization, is completed in a much more efficient manner. IT support is administered from a single console, from anywhere that offers a secured connection. Additionally, virtualization saves you time. For example, the deployment of necessary security updates on your server occur far more efficiently, which gives your IT team the freedom to tackle more pressing matters.

Cut Hardware, Cut Costs

As you may have inferred from the name, virtualization takes your physical machines and transforms them into virtual ones (not literally). Simply put, it reduces the total amount of IT hardware that your organization needs to buy. In practice, this saves companies a lot of money because servers are very expensive.  


Leveraging virtualization means that a company can also grow much larger (read: faster) than previously possible. But how, exactly? Well, consider the following scenario: your startup business is small and it operates out of a basement. You’ve been very successful, and you’ve attracted plenty of attention from your clients. Perhaps too much attention … since you now need more servers to hold more data and keep up with demand. However, you don’t have any more room in your tiny basement. Do you have to find move out and find a larger space to run your business?


Not necessarily.


You could virtualize a server and keep up with demand without taking any more physical space. You just saved money on rent, reduced overall power costs, and saved yourself the hassle of having to buy costly equipment.

How to Get Started

Virtualization offers enticing cost-saving opportunities for SMBs. Migrating to a virtualized architecture is not an easy task, so it’s of the utmost importance that you choose the best partner for the job. Diverge IT has been helping companies like yours to virtualize their servers for years and knows exactly how to smoothly shift your data over. Of course, your company will save money and become more efficient than ever before. What are you waiting for? Contact us to see how virtualization can cut your IT costs.