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Server Virtualization: Simplify Your Office

Server virtualization is a useful tech tool for businesses that saves time, ensures security, and cuts IT costs overall for small and medium-sized businesses. To help your office control costs and communications, server virtualization is a very smart choice. Here’s what you need to know about server virtualization to simplify your office.

What is Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is the process of using one server for multiple local machines. Each device under the single server has its own operating system and acts as a completely different computer with its own processing power. However, its “brain” is the single virtual server. Companies use virtualization to reduce the number of new machines, to cut costs on software and security, and to improve redundancy. In fact, more than 76% of organizations are taking advantage of virtualization today,

3 Ways Server Virtualization Simplifies the Office

Small and medium-sized businesses now have access to resources and tech support that other larger companies currently benefit from. Server virtualization allows your company to keep up with technical demands without taking up more office space. But wait, there’s more.


There are three ways server virtualization simplifies the office, its hardware, and its IT requirements.

1. Reduction of space

Locally hosted servers take up lots of room. For you, that means you’ll always have to find a space for a server when moving offices. When the server sits in its own room, it requires the perfect airflow and temperature, along with lots of electricity to keep it running. Having the local server just down the hall also means it is at risk if disaster strikes.


If you are keeping track, the costs are surging. Server virtualization moves the server out of the office, but it still provides its users with a single console that can be accessed from anywhere via a secure connection. Overall, it’s much safer than simply locking the door to the server room and hoping nothing bad happens.

2. Improved redundancy

Redundancy is absolutely critical for IT infrastructures. For companies, redundancy means ensuring that every aspect of operations has a backup plan that’s ready to go. The same is true for server virtualization. With your data stored in a data center, you won’t have to lose sleep over lost data. Your files and configurations are stored within multiple devices so that even if one happens to break, you can still be fully operational.

3. Automated updates and health checks

A local server (and especially multiple ones) requires a great deal of maintenance, support, and upgrades. This is usually a costly expense for businesses. Instead of lengthy downtime, paying for software upgrades, and paying for individual service incidents as they come up, virtualization allows all to be done remotely, on-time and with little-to-no downtime. Virtualization is a process of proactive care and service to keep the company running on time and without costly expenses that are typically associated with upgrades and maintenance.


If your business is bogged down with the upkeep of local servers and all the chores that come along with them, cut the cord. Go with a single virtualized server that allows you to manage all your company’s data, safely and effectively.
Work with us, and we’ll help you greatly simplify your office.