working remotely

Working Remotely – Computing on the Go!

While great for creativity and collaboration, working in an open office can be a minefield of distractions that employees have to gingerly pick their way over as they go about their day and complete tasks. Interruptions come in all shapes and sizes, and can poke countless holes in your to-do list until it’s in tatters.

How Working Remotely Helps

Working remotely can help your employees zero in and focus better on their work, completing it faster and doing it better than they might while in the office. Whether their comfort zone is a coffee shop humming with chatter or on their back patio with birds for company, remote work allows your employees to work where they’re most productive and comfortable.

Battling through Interruptions

Most commuters start their work day an hour or more before they’re even in the office. That time is spent battling through rush hour traffic, leaving them tense and distracted before they get to their desk.

In most offices, interruptions happen once every 11 minutes. Once interrupted, it can take someone upwards of 20 minutes to completely refocus on whatever they were doing.

The shrill ring of a phone can cut through an employee’s focus and completely throw them off track. A coworker droning on the latest episode of The Walking Dead can be a major distraction.

Giving employees the option of working remotely can help improve their focus, which in turn improves the quality of the work they do.

Even More Benefits

Having the freedom of working remotely allows your team to create their ideal workspace, with minimal distractions and interruptions. This also reduces stress levels, which boosts your employee’s overall health and cuts down on the need for sick days.

Video conferencing and call forwarding to their cell allows your employees to stay connected, regardless of geographical location.

By nixing the need for a commute, you’re also helping the environment and cutting down on the carbon footprint your company leaves.

When your employees function at their best, your business functions at its best. If you’re interested in equipping your business with the right solutions for a successful remote workforce, give Diverge IT a call today!