5 Law Firm Project Management Software & Legal Project Management Tools

July 15, 2023

Law firm project management software has been through significant transformations in recent years. With evolving technology, this software is no longer a bonus; it has become a necessity.

Navigating this technology, however, can be daunting. This article lists the best legal project management tools and how they can help assign tasks to specific lawyers, project managers, and more. 

An illustration depicting the key components of law firm project management software

What is legal project management?

Legal project management is the discipline of managing resources to deliver legal services. It involves planning, executing, monitoring, and closing projects within a law firm. The ultimate goal is to deliver legal cases and legal briefs on time, within budget, and to the client's satisfaction. 

The right law firm project management software can help many law firms streamline legal tasks, enhance team members' collaboration and status updates, and increase efficiency.

A diagram showing the five principles of project management

Delving into the core concepts of project management

Before diving into the best law firm project management software, here are the five key principles that steer project management:

Initiation: This stage involves defining the project's goals, scope, purpose, and deliverables. Companies are required to identify and collaborate with the key stakeholders within the firm. They must also ensure the project aligns with the firm's strategic direction.

Planning: In this stage, a detailed plan outlining the project's tasks, timeline, budget, and resources is developed. It's a roadmap that guides workflow management throughout the execution phase.

Execution: During execution, the project team works on the tasks defined in the plan. It involves managing people and resources and maintaining communication with all stakeholders.

Monitoring and Control: This stage overlaps with execution. During this stage, firms must track the project's progress and make necessary adjustments to ensure it stays on track.

Closure: In the closure phase, the project gets finalized. This allows firms to check all completed tasks and evaluate the outcome against their initial goals. Document all steps and gather information to keep track of everything. 

A graph demonstrating the 4 Ms of project management in law firms

The 4 Ms of project management in every project in law firms

Knowing its essential pinpoints is important as you get deeper into the best project management software. The 4 Ms of project management are resources that need to be managed effectively for successful project execution:

Man (Human Resources): This represents the lawyers, paralegals, and other staff involved in the project. Effective management of this resource includes assigning tasks based on their skill sets. Doing this also fosters a conducive work environment and facilitates clear communication.

Material (Physical Resources): This refers to the case files, documents, and other physical resources. Efficient materials management involves proper organization, tracking, and usage of these resources.

Money (Financial Resources): This represents the budget allocated for the project. Managing money effectively involves budget planning, cost tracking, and staying within budget constraints.

Machinery (Technological Resources): This covers the software, hardware, and other tech tools used in project management. To have useful project management, companies must always choose the right legal tools that are up-to-date and functional. 

Logos of top law firm project management software like Asana and Trello

Best law firm project management software

Law firms increasingly recognize the value of project management software in their operations. Once you choose the right software, it can streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and help manage resources efficiently. 

Here are the best law firm project management software to use for your company:

Trello (simplest project management template)

Trello uses a board-and-card system that offers a visual overview of all ongoing projects and tasks. Law firms can assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and attach necessary documents, all within individual cards. Trello's simplicity and visual clarity make it an excellent tool for smaller firms looking to use software for the first time.

Asana (the most flexible and customizable software)

Asana offers robust features and customizable task views. It allows law firms to break down projects into tasks and subtasks, assign them to team members, and track progress in real-time. Asana's integrations with other software, such as Outlook and Slack, make it a flexible solution for diverse law firm needs.

Basecamp (all-in-one law firm project management Software)

Basecamp offers an all-in-one platform for project management and team communication. Law firms can use it to assign tasks, share files, schedule meetings, and conduct internal discussions. Basecamp also features automatic check-ins, which lets team members provide updates for the team. 

Microsoft Project (best for large law firms' real-time deadline)

Microsoft Project is one of the best legal project management for large law firms. The software offers advanced features for complex projects. It allows detailed project plans, resource management, and even portfolio management. Its compatibility with other Microsoft Office Suite products makes it a reliable choice for firms that use Microsoft. 

Monday.com (most user-friendly project management software)

Monday.com is a highly customizable project management tool for law firms. Lawyers from legal management can design workflows on their dashboards to match their unique needs. With a user-friendly interface and multiple view options (e.g., Kanban, Gantt, and timeline), tracking project progress in this software becomes effortless. Monday.com also offers automation capabilities, which can save law firms lots of time by automating routine tasks.

A screenshot of a document management system used in a law firm

Unpacking the best law firm document management software

You don't just need an effective legal practice management tool. Whether in a big or small law firm, efficient document management is also a must-have tool for legal matters. 

Here are three leading document management software options that offer secure storage, easy retrieval, and efficient organization:


NetDocuments offers a secure, cloud-based platform where law firms can store, create, and manage documents and emails. The software integrates with Microsoft Office, facilitating the creation and editing of documents. Plus, with its robust search feature, finding a document is quick and easy.


Worldox is a fully integrated, customizable document management software. Its key features include full-text searching, version control, and security controls. Worldox is known for its robust integration with other software, allowing law firms to streamline their process.


iManage combines artificial intelligence with document and email management to offer a sophisticated platform for law firms. It provides secure document storage, collaboration tools, and smart search features that help law firms.

A law firm team collaborating through a project management software

The power of using the best legal project management

So, why is having good and efficient project management software important for law firms?

Project management tools can help organize tasks, deadlines, and case documents. A legal project manager can leverage these software to customize and manage their cases, track time, reduce administrative workload, and spend more time on client work.

The American Bar Association agrees with this fact and says it improves law firms' profitability in the long run. 

Graphic representing law firm process optimization with DivergeIT's law firm project management software

Streamlining legal workflows with DivergeIT

Finding the best firm to help with your project management needs is difficult. Luckily, DivergeIT is here to guide you through the process.

Our company has been delivering cutting-edge IT solutions for over 21 years, and law firms have been one of our main focuses. Our managed IT services are designed to help law firms thrive in a fast-paced environment. We can streamline software workflows, deliver robust security, and provide efficient IT support. 

With our 99.7% success rate in responding within one minute and a 1-hour resolution rate for most IT problems, we are here to ensure your law firm has the support it needs to deliver top-notch services to its clients.

DivergeIT team working on advanced IT solutions for law firms using their project management software

DivergeIT's role in revolutionizing law firm management

Our dedicated team at DivergeIT understands the unique needs of legal practices. We can help you with data storage, backup, legal software, applications support, or cybersecurity solutions.

Our managed IT services come with a roadmap to long-term success. This means we ensure your law firm can keep up with technological advancements without skipping a beat. We believe that technology should enhance your law practice, not hinder it. This ethos has led us to deliver IT solutions that truly make a difference.

Illustration of a modernized law firm IT infrastructure enabled by DivergeIT's project management software

Time to transform your law firm's IT infrastructure

Today, law firms are constantly looking for ways to improve their operations, deliver better client services, and stay competitive. Choosing the right project management software helps to make those things happen.

Remember, the transformation doesn't have to be overwhelming. With our experience and expertise, we can guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition to a more efficient and productive future for your law firm.

Ready to take the first step towards transforming your law firm's IT infrastructure? Get in touch with us today at sales@divergeit.com or contact us at 310-765-7200.

Frequently asked questions about project management software for law firms

What is the best legal project management software?

The best legal project management software largely depends on the specific needs of a law firm. Asana, Trello, and many other software programs are tailored for the legal industry. Each software has unique features that help legal practitioners stay on top of their work. 

What role does practice management play in a legal team?

Practice management is essential for any legal team. It involves using practice management software to handle case management, legal work, and expense management. These tools can simplify your expense management tasks and allow your team to focus on the core legal activities. 

How can the best legal project management software improve my work?

The best legal project management software can improve your legal team's productivity by automating task management and legal research. Furthermore, the software often comes with project templates to make creating and assigning tasks easier.

Why is the integration of a project management tool important?

Integrating a project management tool like Asana with your work is important. Such integration can provide a more comprehensive view of every project, ensuring all team members are on the same page. This is especially beneficial for law firms like yours, where collaboration and information exchange are paramount.

What is the best project management software for law firms?

While there are many contenders for the top project management software, the choice ultimately depends on your firm. For example, if your firm needs powerful project management features focused on collaboration, Asana or other similar tools could be the best fit. 

How can law firm project management software options simplify my legal work?

Legal project management software options offer various tools designed to simplify legal work. For instance, they provide customizable task management, case tracking, and expense reporting features. These tools can help your legal team stay organized and provide better client service.

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