Jeff Busse

CFO, Michael Stars

"We had no idea that some of our team members' passwords had been compromised. With RAD, we were able to discover which ones exactly were at risk, change them immediately and set up multi factor authentication on ALL accounts. It's just easier to sleep at night, knowing that our infrastructure isn't a sitting duck for hackers."

Most IT companies won't share this

Ready to find out the grim truth about your security?

Here’s the fact, if you’re an executive in a mid-sized corporation, 9 out of 10 times, you can’t really say for sure what value your IT department or managed service provider (MSP) is bringing to the table.

It’s all hearsay, and you just have to hope they have a good grip on things, and that you’re truly secure, and maximizing resources.

Well… It's time to address the concerns that keep you awake at night.

Rapid Analysis & Discovery

Secure your business and unlock savings with RAD (in conjunction with Microsoft)

The RAD (Rapid Analysis & Discovery) tool is not just an ordinary assessment tool; it's a game-changer that holds the key to unlocking the full potential of your business.

Let's dive deep into the four (4) crucial aspects that RAD helps you discover, and the remarkable value they bring to your organization...

Safe accounts: Protect your business secrets and reputation

MFA: Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals

Active users: Optimize resources and cut unnecessary costs

Potential savings: Maximize ROI by eliminating unused licenses

What other executives think about the Rapid Analysis and Discovery...

"An IT audit this detailed would typically take 1 full day at the latest. DivergeIT has really got something special going on here! In a couple of minutes, I could see how much we could be saving, our active users, affected accounts and more. Truly revolutionary, I must say. And very much like DivergeIT."

Michael Pickett

American Botanical Pharmacy

"In all my 20 years of working with IT experts, I've never worked with a company that's as proactive about security as DivergeIT is. Making this RAD available to the public for free is mind blowing, and a testament of how passionate they are about cybersecurity."

Kelly Patchet

8020 Consulting

“Working with DivergeIT, there's a confidence I have that they're a professional team that are proactively looking out for my company's security and financial efficiency. With other IT support companies, that wasn't just the case."

Sheldon Brackett

CEO, Counseling 4 Kids

"We chose DivergeIT to manage our corporate IT so we can maintain complete focus on running our core business."

David Erickson

CEO, Carrierx
Founder, Freeconferencecall

"Before DivergeIT, valuable parts of my day were used for IT issues and now I’m able to focus solely on growing & managing my business while leaving all the IT issues to them."

Eric Maier

CEO, CA Unified Service Providers

“DivergeIT perfectly augments our internal IT team with specialized subject matter experts, high-quality managed services, and well-scoped project consulting."

Charles Sims

CTO, United Talent Agency

"In this world of specialization, outsourcing to DivergeIT is one of the best decisions we have made, which has freed us up to focus on what we do best."

Greg Hansen

CEO, Transamerican Escrow Company

"For over 10 years I’ve relied on DivergeIT to completely manage all of our IT systems and they have never let me down, which isn’t easy in our industry."

Alex Brunner

COO, Exclusive Media

“One of DivergeIT’s greatest strengths is their ability to provide outstanding customer service while completely supporting our Information Technology Systems."

Darren Kavinoky

Owner, Kavinoky Law Firm

“Our attorneys and staff don’t ever have to stress about any down time.  The team at DivergeIT has us working smoothly and seamlessly every day. No IT loss-time equates to maximum efficiency for our clients!”

Linda A.

Attorney, Artiano & Associates

DivergeIT + Microsoft

A sneak peek of RAD in action – reveal hidden risks and savings...

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is secure and your IT costs are optimized. RAD empowers you to achieve just that. Take a look at the live page and witness the power of RAD in action.

With clear visualizations and detailed reports, you'll see your safe accounts, accounts needing password changes, unused accounts, and potential cost savings.

<- This screenshot shows the four aspects the RAD uncovers for you, exposing your company's Microsoft 365 IT environment. This lets you know where to focus to fortify your organization's security and cut unnecessary expenses.

See the Future with RAD - For FREE

What happens when you click?

Provide your email address and click "Run my rapid IT check now."

You be immediately redirected to the Microsoft 365 sign in page.

Grant DivergeIT access to your Microsoft 365 environment by signing into your account.

Watch as the data starts collecting and categorizing your safe accounts, MFA status, active users, and potential savings.

Navigate through the live page to explore individual accounts and their specific details.

Find out what your IT team hasn’t been able to share with you, and take the necessary actions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Free for 30 days only.
  • Watch the data collect immediately and get instant report.
  • No credit card required.
  • Discover your risks and savings with confidence.

Richard Chun

CTO, Montecito Bank & Trust

"DivergeIT's RAD has been a major eye opener for us. We had been losing money on inactive Microsoft 365 accounts for well over a year now, with no inkling whatsoever. It's amazing how such a quick audit revealed the tens of thousands we were flushing monthly. Every company needs that kind of insight. At least, quarterly!"

Trusted across the US

With access to your Microsoft 365 account, we uncover your risks...

At DivergeIT, we believe in efficiency and delivering results. That's why our RAD assessment is designed to be quick and easy.

On the next page, you will be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft account, after which our proprietary system will run a rapid check on your Microsoft 365 environment.

Our experienced team has been perfecting RITIS for over a decade, trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Now, it's your turn to experience the power of RAD.

With no cost and no risk, there's no reason to wait. Take the instant assessment today and gain the insights you need to secure your business, optimize your resources, and maximize your savings.

No cost. No risk. No reason to wait.

Start your free 30-day RAD trial now...

The best time to have found out if your business IT's 100% secure was yesterday. Right now, is the next best time.

RAD is your magic wand, allowing you to take control of your IT landscape and secure your business's future!

Click the button below and log in to your Microsoft 365 account to find out:

Safe accounts

Accounts without MFA

Active users

Potential savings

Say goodbye to sleepless nights!

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No credit card. No commitment. Just full disclosure.

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RAD is brought to you by DivergeIT in conjunction with Microsoft.

NOTE: On the next page, you will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft 365 account. Get ready to find out the truth about your security.