Do you Secure your Business IT as well as you Secure your Home?

September 9, 2022

If you don't work in the technology industry, it might be difficult to grasp the practical application of security for your business IT. Many businesses think they are too small or for some reason wouldn't warrant the attention of would-be cyber criminals. But like breaking into a home, the best target for businesses is oftentimes the ones that are least protected.

For example, consider a would-be thief casing a neighborhood. All houses look similar, some bigger, some smaller, varied shapes and sizes, but one or two are missing locks on their windows, don't have a Ring camera or an alarm system in place. Which houses make the most sense to target first? 

Similarly for your business, are you doing the equivalent of installing (and utilizing) locks on your doors and windows? Do you have a video doorbell? Alarm system? Securing a house is like securing a business. It is not an all or nothing approach, but a systematic approach to align with risk and security posture.

But unlike securing a home, securing your business IT is more abstract. Do you know the right questions to ask about securing your business IT?

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