Have you Outgrown Your IT Resource?

January 20, 2023

Whether or not you want to face the reality, technology is changing the business landscape. The threats to and security of your IT infrastructure are vastly different than even 3-5 years ago. Have you evolved your strategy and perspective about IT during that time?

Many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are still managing their business IT with the antiquated “IT person” or generally approaching it with insufficient resources. While this ad hoc strategy might have seemed to work at one point, is it time to revisit your approach? If IT is simply a reactive function in your organization then the answer is YES.

Is the prevailing mindset within your organization “we haven’t had any issues (yet)”? If so, this shouldn’t be justification for relegating IT to a dark corner of the room. As a comparison, do you get your car serviced, brakes checked and oil changed regularly, or say “my car hasn’t broken down yet”?.

Why don’t we approach our business technology with the same mindset? This is likely because, unlike functions and operations in a car, that are highly visible and transparent (for example, your car dashboard), the same isn’t true with most businesses and their IT. But what if it was that transparent?

If you’re not asking the right questions, you likely aren’t measuring the right areas of your IT and security. But what are those questions? Here is a starting point:

1. Is antivirus being deployed regularly throughout your devices?

2. Are all your devices being patched regularly?

3. Is multifactor (dual-factor) authentication being enforced ‘by policy’ throughout your organization?

But asking your IT resource for reports alone is not enough. Is your IT resource able to provide these reports in REAL-TIME? If not, it’s time to question whether or not they’re actually being done. Don’t accept excuses. It’s time to hold your IT resource accountable.

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