Does my Business need Cyber Liability Insurance?

Jarrod Koch

CEO and Partner of DivergeIT

May 4, 2023

Safeguarding Your Small Business: Key Questions to Assess the Need for Cyber Liability Insurance

In today's interconnected digital landscape, small businesses face increasing cyber threats that can potentially disrupt operations and compromise sensitive information. To protect your business from the financial and reputational damages resulting from a cyber attack, considering cyber liability insurance is crucial. This blog post will guide small businesses with 75-400 employees through a series of essential questions to help determine if they need cyber liability insurance to safeguard their operations and mitigate potential risks.

What type of data does your business handle?

Assess the nature and sensitivity of the data your business handles. If your company deals with customer personal information, financial records, proprietary data, or any other confidential data, you have a higher risk exposure. Cyber liability insurance can provide financial protection if a data breach or cyber attack compromises this sensitive information.

Do you have an online presence or conduct e-commerce?

If your small business has a website, accepts online payments, or engages in e-commerce activities, it becomes an attractive target for cybercriminals. The potential risks associated with online transactions and customer data storage make cyber liability insurance an essential consideration to protect against financial losses resulting from cyber attacks.

What are the potential costs of a data breach?

Evaluate the potential costs your business may face in the event of a data breach. Consider factors such as forensic investigations, notifying affected parties, legal fees, regulatory fines, public relations, credit monitoring, and potential legal settlements. Cyber liability insurance can provide coverage for these expenses, helping you navigate the aftermath of a cyber attack without severe financial strain.

Do you have adequate security measures in place?

Assess the effectiveness of your current cybersecurity measures. Are you employing robust firewalls, up-to-date antivirus software, encryption protocols, and regular data backups? While preventive measures are crucial, they may not guarantee absolute protection. Cyber liability insurance can act as an additional layer of defense, providing coverage if your security measures are breached.

Are your employees trained in cybersecurity best practices?

Evaluate the level of cybersecurity awareness among your employees. Human error, such as falling for phishing scams or unintentionally exposing sensitive information, can significantly contribute to cyber vulnerabilities. Investing in regular employee training programs and awareness campaigns is essential. However, cyber liability insurance can offer protection in case of employee-related errors or breaches.

Can your business handle the financial impact of a cyber attack?

Consider the financial implications of a cyber attack on your business. Assess if your organization has the financial resources to cover the costs associated with a significant data breach or cyber incident. Cyber liability insurance can provide financial support, covering expenses that might otherwise jeopardize the stability and continuity of your business.

How reliant is your business on technology and digital operations?

Determine the extent to which your business relies on technology and digital operations. If your operations heavily depend on computer systems, networks, cloud services, or data storage, the potential impact of a cyber attack can be severe. Cyber liability insurance can mitigate financial losses, ensuring your business can recover and resume operations swiftly.


As cyber threats continue to evolve and pose risks to businesses of all sizes, small businesses with 75-400 employees must carefully assess their vulnerabilities and determine if they need cyber liability insurance. By evaluating the type of data handled, online presence, potential costs of a breach, existing security measures, employee training, financial resilience, and reliance on technology, you can make an informed decision to protect your business from the financial and reputational fallout of a cyber attack. Invest in cyber liability insurance to fortify your defenses and ensure the long-term success and resilience of your small business.

Because we invest in continuous training on the relevant technologies, as well as stay abreast of the business and policy issues we can help you review the available technology and come up with a comprehensive solution that fits your business. Contact us today for more information on when and how to obtain cyber liability insurance. 

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