IT services Santa Monica
Charles Sims

CTO, United Talent Agency

"DivergeIT adds significant value to our internal IT team in the areas of Network Management and Microsoft Cloud  design, deployment, and management experts."

98.7% client satisfaction rate

Your peace of mind is paramount to us, and this high satisfaction rate reflects our commitment to meeting your needs.

1-minute average response time

We understand the value of time in business, ensuring swift responses because every second counts.

Twenty-one years of expertise

With over two decades in the industry, we directly bring seasoned insights and reliable solutions.

Service across 28 states

Our extensive reach across multiple states is a testament to our services' widespread trust and efficiency.

Welcome to Santa Monica
IT Services Santa Monica

Welcome to Santa Monica

At the heart of California, Santa Monica stands as a beacon of potential, weaving together a rich tapestry of communities, businesses, and the promise of growth. Yet, amid this renaissance, the complexity of technology can often seem like a hurdle too high for many.

Enter DivergeIT, your local ally in the realm of IT services company. We're not just another service provider; we're part of Santa Monica’s journey, tailor-making technology solutions to fit the unique fabric of our city. Whether it's ensuring seamless operations with proactive monitoring, safeguarding your endeavors with top-tier cybersecurity, or bridging the gap with comprehensive cloud services, we're here to make technology your strongest ally. 

IT Services Santa Monica

Benefits of teaming up with DivergeIT in Santa Monica

Selecting us for your IT service in Santa Monica means embracing a suite of advantages tailored to your unique business needs:

Benefits of teaming up with DivergeIT in Santa Monica

Predictable IT operations

Our proactive maintenance approach to infrastructure ensures your operations run smoothly, predicting and preventing issues before they arise, keeping your business in Santa Monica ahead of the curve.

Unwavering cybersecurity

In an era where threats loom large, our robust security measures guard your networks and require shields to your sensitive data demands, ensuring that businesses in Santa Monica can operate confidently.

Tailored technology strategies

Our seasoned technicians don't just offer IT service in Santa Monica; they provide a partnership. With a deep understanding of Santa Monica's dynamic market, we craft technology solutions that align with your specific needs, propelling your business forward.

Seamless integration

Whether onsite installations or remote support, our services blend seamlessly into your existing operations, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency, ensuring your technological transition is as smooth as Santa Monica's coastal breezes.

Comprehensive data management

Our managed IT services in Santa Monica encompass a wide range of data management practices, ensuring your information is always secure, accessible, and recoverable, no matter the complexity.

Community-centric support

As part of the Santa Monica community, we intimately understand the local business landscape. This local insight allows us to provide services and solutions that resonate with and uplift the community, driving collective success.

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IT Services Santa Monica

Why DivergeIT stands out for IT service in Santa Monica

Choosing us as your go-to for IT service in Santa Monica positions you for unparalleled technological empowerment. Here's why we're the top choice for local businesses aiming high:

Tailored support services

Advanced technological integration

In-house expertise at your service

Commitment to community growth

Responsive and reliable

Comprehensive solutions portfolio

Why DivergeIT stands out for IT service in Santa Monica
IT Services Santa Monica

Comprehensive IT service in Santa Monica

We are dedicated to providing a suite of managed IT services in Santa Monica that are meticulously designed to meet the distinctive demands of the dynamic business landscape. Delve into our array of services:

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IT Services Santa Monica

Industries we serve

DivergeIT proudly extends its specialized IT service in Santa Monica to a diverse spectrum of industries, recognizing that each sector has distinct technological needs and challenges. Prominent industries we are dedicated to serving include:
What you gain with DivergeIT
IT Services Santa Monica

What you gain with DivergeIT

Choosing DivergeIT for IT service in Santa Monica means you're not just selecting a vendor but partnering with a team deeply invested in your success and the broader community's revitalization. From handling simple loose cables to something as complex as tackling network requirements, our comprehensive services are designed to meet the specific needs of large and small businesses. 

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Our commitment to delivering the highest quality IT service in Santa Monica is evidenced by our prestigious accreditations and partnerships. Our credentials are not just badges of honor; they represent our dedication to upholding the best practices in the industry and ensuring that our services meet the stringent standards our clients deserve.

SOC2 certification

Microsoft certified solutions partner, including Modern work - enterprise, Modern work - SMB, Infrastructure, Azure

AICPA SOC-2 for service organizations compliant

Cisco certified partner

Google certified partner

Apple, Dell, and HP-certified partners

30+ Microsoft certifications earned by our leaders and engineers

Awards and recognition

Awards and recognition

Our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled IT service in Santa Monica has been consistently recognized within the industry. Our innovative solutions and rapid response times have garnered acclaim and solidified our reputation as a leader in IT services. We take pride in our achievements, viewing each award as a milestone in our journey to excellence and a testament to our dedication to our clients and their business resilience.


Experience the difference with DivergeIT - but don't just take our word for it. Listen to the stories of those who've seen their businesses transform with our dedicated IT support in Santa Monica, CA:

"DivergeIT has been our IT partner for 15 years. They’ve been in-sync with our business goals and IT needs every step of the way. I don’t stress about IT anymore."

Suzanne Lerner

Co-founder, Michael Stars

“I highly recommend DivergeIT.  They’ve been our IT provider for 5 years and continue to exceed our service level expectations by every measure."

Peter Gondek

Controller, Systems Technology, Inc

“Our attorneys and staff don’t ever have to stress about any down time.  The team at DivergeIT has us working smoothly and seamlessly every day. No IT loss-time equates to maximum efficiency for our clients!”

Linda A.

Attorney, Artiano & Associates

"We chose DivergeIT to manage our corporate IT so we can maintain complete focus on running our core business."

David Erickson

CEO, Carrierx
Founder, Freeconferencecall

"Before DivergeIT, valuable parts of my day were used for IT issues and now I’m able to focus solely on growing & managing my business while leaving all the IT issues to them."

Eric Maier

CEO, CA Unified Service Providers

“DivergeIT perfectly augments our internal IT team with specialized subject matter experts, high-quality managed services, and well-scoped project consulting."

Charles Sims

CTO, United Talent Agency

"In this world of specialization, outsourcing to DivergeIT is one of the best decisions we have made, which has freed us up to focus on what we do best."

Greg Hansen

CEO, Transamerican Escrow Company

"For over 10 years I’ve relied on DivergeIT to completely manage all of our IT systems and they have never let me down, which isn’t easy in our industry."

Alex Brunner

COO, Exclusive Media

“One of DivergeIT’s greatest strengths is their ability to provide outstanding customer service while completely supporting our Information Technology Systems."

Darren Kavinoky

Owner, Kavinoky Law Firm

Next steps

Ready to elevate your IT infrastructure with top-notch IT support in Santa Monica, CA? Contact us via phone or our online form.

Our team is prepared to assess your needs, tackle computer issues, and devise a custom IT strategy for your business's growth. Let's chart the path to your IT success together.
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IT Services Santa Monica

Ensuring your satisfaction

We pledge to deliver cutting-edge IT service in Santa Monica, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your technology needs are in expert hands. Our dedication to your success is unwavering, and we stand by the quality and reliability of our services. We're not just your MSP; we're your partners in growth, committed to ensuring that your IT infrastructure propels your business forward.

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Satisfaction guaranteed
IT Services Santa Monica

External resources

In our commitment to sustainability and community support, we encourage responsible electronic waste management and support local charity initiatives. Here are some valuable resources within a 30-mile radius of Santa Monica for businesses looking to contribute to recycling efforts or seek educational opportunities:


California Electronics Recycler
Electronics Recycler, in Santa Ana, California, offers comprehensive e-waste recycling services. They provide a responsible way for businesses in Santa Monica and surrounding areas to dispose of outdated electronics, ensuring that hazardous materials are properly managed and recycled, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment.


Los Angeles Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
The SBDC, hosted by Long Beach City College, is a fantastic resource for business owners in Santa Monica. They offer various services, including business advising, workshops, and training programs to help small businesses grow and succeed. Their expertise can be invaluable for companies leveraging technology to enhance their operations.


eWaste U.S. Electronics Recycling
In Los Angeles, eWaste U.S. Electronics Recycling offers a secure backup and environmentally friendly way to dispose of old electronics. They ensure that all e-waste is recycled responsibly, adhering to the highest environmental standards. Santa Monica businesses can use their services to reduce electronic waste and promote sustainability.

IT Services Santa Monica

Recycling and charity

We are dedicated to providing exceptional IT service in Santa Monica and are deeply committed to environmental sustainability and community support. We understand the impact technology and businesses can have on the world, so we actively participate in recycling programs and support various charitable causes.

Recycling and charity
IT Services Santa Monica

Be part of our mission at DivergeIT

Are you ready to make a real impact in the world of IT service in Santa Monica? We constantly seek enthusiastic and skilled individuals to hire for our growing team. Check out our careers page for the latest opportunities and to submit your application. Let's shape a future where innovative IT solutions empower businesses to reach their full potential.

Be part of our mission at DivergeIT
IT Services Santa Monica

Transform your business with DivergeIT

Embark on a journey with DivergeIT, where an innovative IT environment redefines how you do business in Santa Monica. You can gain more than an IT service in Santa Monica; you gain a partner who is as invested in your success as you are.

Don't let another day pass by under the shadow of IT challenges. Take the first step towards a more connected, secure, productive, and efficient business landscape. Contact us today and unlock the potential of advanced technology tailored just for you. 

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IT Services Santa Monica

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